Announcement: JHP closing

I am sorry to say that Jellyfish Highway Press is closing immediately. I thank you for all of your support and generosity. 

I want to be transparent about money related to our Kickstarter campaign. In the campaign, you generously helped JHP raise over $5,000, and after fees we received just under $5,400. Much of that money was used to pay debts (related to the setup of the press with our printing services, ISBN purchases, and initial printing costs for physical stock, etc.), issue advances and pay for artist work, shipping costs, domain registration and annual renewal, costs related to conference travel (hotel and flight costs paid individually and not from fundraiser funds), printing of physical on-hand stock, and assorted minor costs. 

I initially planned on using the money to increase advances, launch a new imprint, launching a book prize, and other things. I needed to do more to promote books and to get books into the hands of readers. I simply failed to anticipate costs or to manage costs well. For instance, I spent too much money on shipping and printing and could have managed those things more efficiently. On a personal level, job and life things got in the way in 2016 and 2017, so despite funding, I found I was not giving authors and books enough attention or love. I put the press on hiatus and fully planned on moving forward with publication at a later date in 2018. 

The press never made money. Because of closure, final royalties have been dispersed.

The sudden closure of the press and disappearance from social media gave the wrong message. I am sorry for the message that has sent and the harm it has caused. I did not ever intend to hurt anyone connected to the press or those who supported the press. I'm sorry I allowed the message sent to be one that caused mistrust, questions, and anger.

I am sorry for not disclosing these things sooner, for failing your trust, and for making anyone question their support. I am especially sorry to our authors, whose books I love and wholeheartedly support, and whose books need to be read, loved, and supported.

In the interest of full disclosure: after paying off final costs and royalties, every dollar of remaining funds is going to be sent to these charities: Breast Cancer Research Foundation & the National Network of Abortion Funds. 

Justin Daugherty, Publisher

Announcing: Daughters of Monsters [stories] by Melissa Goodrich

In early 2016, Jellyfish Highway Press will release Melissa Goodrich's debut story collection, Daughters of Monsters

Melissa's stories have appeared in Kenyon Review online, PANK and elsewhere. In Daughters of Monsters, Melissa's vibrant, star-catching voice shines in these often-fabulist tales. A mother returns from vacation transformed into an orange. Cinderella turns to ashes each night at midnight. In the title story, a daughter is a monster, like her mother, like her father. She eats staircases. Her books fly away from her. These are characters haunted and made magical by the world they inhabit. This is a debut you will not want to miss. 

Announcing: YOUR SICK by Carol Guess, Kelly Magee, & Elizabeth Colen

The second title from Jellyfish Highway Press is YOUR SICK by Carol Guess, Kelly Magee, and Elizabeth Colen, set to be released in winter 2016. This collection of stories and a novella explores real and imagined illnesses. 

Carol Guess and Kelly Magee co-authored WITH ANIMAL from Black Lawrence Press, THE RECKLESS REMAINDER (Noctuary Press), and other works. Elizabeth Colen is the author of THE GREEN CONDITION (Ricochet Editions, 2014) and other titles. 

Stay tuned for further announcements.