A List of [personal] Tastes

Well, it looks like Jellyfish Highway Press is OPEN for submissions

What do we want? What are we most interested in? There's our ABOUT statement. What does that say? 

I can tell you what I've loved most recently. Maybe that will be a tell. There's Ancient Oceans of Central Kentucky by David Connerley Nahm (Two Dollar Radio). 

This Boring Apocalypse by Brandi Wells (Civil Coping Mechanisms) was stunning and starkly different than any apocalypse tale you'll encounter.

The Sonnets by Sandra Simonds (Bloof Books).  Beside Myself by Ashley Farmer (Tiny Hardcore). Missing You Metropolis by Gary Jackson (Graywolf). Leave Luck to Heaven by Brian Oliu (Uncanny Valley). Engine Empire by Cathy Park Hong (Norton). Seam by Tarfia Faizullah (Southern Illinois University Press). King Me by Roger Reeves (Copper Canyon). Loitering by Charles D'Ambrosio (Tin House Books). 

That's a start. What else are you loving?