Announcement: We're Hitting Pause

So, a bit of news.

As many know, I've been struggling on the job market for months now. I rushed completion of a PhD program so I'd finish this year due to mounting financial stress and have been finishing exams and a dissertation while looking for jobs. Right now, I'm still without employment as I look at August and the end of my PhD.

When I started Jellyfish Highway Press, all I desired was to work to make stellar books with amazing authors. We have done that. I can't fathom writing or being a writer without working in some way to promote and support others' writing. There is a lot of talk often about literary citizenry, and whatever that entails or means, it has always been important to me to serve and give back in some way. That's why I launched Sundog Lit and Cartridge Lit. That's why I started JHP. This past year, though, has made all of this extremely difficult and stressful. I have not been able to pour my heart into publishing projects. The most important thing is that these books I want to publish deserve my full attention and love and heart and fire. And, they're not getting that right now. I want these books to be read and loved and talked about and shared, and with this moment of transition and chaotic upheaval, I'm simply neglecting what I most love to do.

So, with that, JHP is going on hiatus for a bit. Hitting pause. Taking a breather. While I try to figure out where my life is headed and what's next (where to live, what to do, how to make it), I need to put things on hold. This doesn't mean that we're shutting down—it only means that we'll be holding things off on production for a while until I find a place to rest my head. I'll be searching for a managing editor soon to bring life back into this thing. We'll keep on. We'll be back.

I love publishing books. All I want to do is support authors and work with them to create beautiful books. I just need a moment.

—Justin Daugherty, Publisher, July 2017